Shipping Policy

We offer free standard mail shipping for orders of $100 and above shipped to Canada. For orders under $100 shipped in Canada, the shipping charge is $12.

All orders shipped to the United States are subject to a flat shipping charge of $20, regardless of the order total.

Payment methods
We offer the following payment methods when you shop on our site :
• MasterCard
• PayPal
Unfortunately, we only accept the payment methods specified above. If you attempt to pay by any other means, we cannot be held responsible for failure to pay or any other damage caused.
All prices on our site are displayed in the currency of the country you have selected. If you would like to change your choice of country, please use the country selector link at the top of the page. Your delivery address will determine the currency in which you will be billed.
Please note that changing the country of delivery may have an influence on the price and delivery costs.
You can pay in any of the currencies listed below:
• Canadian Dollars
• American Dollars